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Fiber-Immune Support

Despite its importance, few Americans get the daily recommended intake of fiber through diet alone, contributing to what is called the “fiber gap” that can lead to sub-optimal intestinal and immune health. The good news is that researchers have identified three forms of fiber that together support both immune response and digestion. Life Extension’s Fiber-Immune… Continue Reading

PQQ Caps with BioPQQ

Mitochondria are the cellular energy generators that supply virtually all the power your body requires for a healthy life span. An abundance of published studies underscores the critical importance of the mitochondria to overall health, especially as we age.51-54,58-60 Energy-intensive organs like the heart and brain are dense with mitochondria. Until recently, the only natural… Continue Reading

Hair, Skin & Nails Rejuvenation Formula with VERISOL

Hair, Skin & Nails Rejuvenation Formula with VERISOL® is a multinutrient formula containing ingredients to promote beauty from within. Hair, Skin & Nails Rejuvenation Formula with VERISOL® contains: Cynatine® HNS (Hair, Nails and Skin) Plus, an ingredient combination providing solubilized keratin, zinc, copper, vitamins B3, B5 and B6, and biotin. Patented, solubilized keratin supports the… Continue Reading

X-R Shield – Maintains Cellular Integrity

From solar ultraviolet to cosmic radiation to X-rays from medical diagnostic imaging procedures like CT scans, ionizing radiation consists of waves and particles of sufficient energy to disturb atoms, “knocking out” electrons to create ions. Also known as free radicals, these ions have the potential to interact with living tissues and disturb cell structures, including… Continue Reading

Arterial Protect – Natural Endothelial Plaque Stabilizer

As one ages, lipids in combination with inflammatory cells, cellular waste products and calcium build up within the walls of the blood vessels to form arterial plaque. If this plaque becomes unstable, it can rupture, potentially damaging the thin layer of cells along the arteries (endothelium) and may block blood flow. The extracts in Arterial… Continue Reading

Triple Action Thyroid – Comprehensive Thyroid Gland Support

A healthy thyroid gland not only acts as the body’s thermostat, but it’s also one of the major regulators of metabolism, including fat burning for energy. Life Extension® introduces Triple Action Thyroid, a formulation that combines critical nutrients that have been scientifically demonstrated to support healthy thyroid function. Optimal thyroid function can help improve energy… Continue Reading

FlorAssist Throat Health – Probiotic Clinically Validated for Throat Health

Florassist® Throat Health is an oral probiotic that provides novel beneficial bacteria to colonize the throat and control harmful, unwanted bacteria.1-3 Just one lozenge of Florassist® Throat Health contains 20 mg of BLIS K12TM, a proprietary oral probiotic known as S. salivarius K12, which delivers 2 billion colony-forming units. These organisms survive naturally in the… Continue Reading

Dopa-Mind – Supports Mental Acuity and Longevity

Dopa-Mind™ is a standardized wild green oat extract for aging individuals who wish to maintain more youthful cognitive health and performance. With age, our brain’s levels of dopamine—which regulates mood and cognition—begin to diminish,1,2 leading to a corresponding decline in mental performance.3 This dopamine depletion is largely caused by rising levels of an enzyme called… Continue Reading

Endothelial Defense – Boost Endothelial Function For Vascular Health

Optimal heart health depends on many factors, including proper endothelial function.1 Even with cholesterol/glucose levels in the healthy range, aging individuals need to maintain youthful integrity of their endothelium—the thin layer of cells lining the interior of the entire circulatory system. Based on published studies showing improvements in endothelial function, health-conscious people have been drinking… Continue Reading

Tear Support with MaquiBright

A common problem affecting people as they age is the onset of eye discomfort. Environmental factors, computer use, and contact lenses also increase the chances of dry, irritated, itchy eyes.1-4 Life Extension® introduces Tear Support with MaquiBright®, a unique oral supplement that supports eye health from the inside out for systemic, continuous comfort. Instead of… Continue Reading

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